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Don’t Fall for Prime Time Rip Off Rates by Uber

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When you hire a personal driver Los Angeles, be care sure to check your watch before you place your call. Imagine needing a ride to get home after a party and being told at the end of it that the fee was $362. You didn’t go across the state, either. That’s what happened to Gabby Wathen.


Her Story


Ms. Wathen spent the evening of Halloween out with friends. Once it was time to leave around 3am, she decided to take an Uber home. That ensured she wouldn’t be put in a position of driving under the influence. She was within 25 minutes of her home. The next morning, after checking her back account, she noticed the charge, which was about nine times the amount of the original rate. The problem? She didn’t realize it was prime time. As a result of the charge, she couldn’t pay her rent and opened a account to request help from others.


She did get enough funding from family and friends and was able to settle the bill along with some extra cash. She closed the account as she reached her target.


What You Can Do To Avoid Such Surprises


Even if she should have known, many people feel as though rates like this are their only option. That’s simply not the case. When it comes to getting home or getting around town, reach out to a local company that offers fixed rates that are pre-decided long before you step inside. The Private Chauffeur ensures guests never have to think twice about what they will end up paying for their transportation needs.


When it comes to hiring a ride from The Private Chauffeur in Los Angeles you do not have to pay blindly to companies like Uber.  By hiring a local company, you get dependable service that does not charge excessively just because it is Halloween night or Christmas night.


Don’t Let One Night Ruin Your Back Account


The good ending to her story is that Mr. Wathen did earn enough to pay her rent, as well as additional funds. And, hopefully she’ll turn to a more reliable, and flat-rate service the next time she needs a personal driver to get home from a party. For a personal driver in Los Angles, avoid those prime rate rip offs and instead turn to The Private Chauffeur. The standard rates and trustworthy service ensures you’ll get home safely and without breaking the bank in the process.