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Frequent Asked Questions | FAQ


We will inform you of our very affordable rate and take your reservation over the phone for your next outing. We can talk about a family member who may benefit from using our service. You can get to know us on the human side. Afterall you will be handing the keys of your car to one of our chauffeurs and wouldn’t it be nice to at least hear who you will be doing business with? You will like what you hear.


We will provide the answers you need to make the right decision to use The Private Chauffeur®. Call us and let’s talk.


“We provide the best chauffeurs to come to your home or office
and drive your car when you don’t feel like driving.”

Let’s discuss your chauffeur needs and how we can help.

1- How much does it cost to hire a professional chauffeur to drive me?

The hourly rate is dependent on your type of vehicle (e.g. Sedan, SUV, High-End Luxury Automobile, Passenger Van, Limousine, etc). Please call us to discuss (949) 283-0863 or send us an email at

2- What are some reasons to use your service?

Going to a doctor’s appointment, having outpatient surgery that requires you to bring a driver along to drive you home afterwards, out of town day trips, luncheons, dinners, theater, concerts, airport transfers, drive your children to and from school and after school activities, multiple meetings around town, ideal for Realtors showing homes and buyers looking at homes, drive your elderly parents when needed, pick up visiting friends and relatives from the airport, shopping, Designated Drivers for your party guests, taking your car in for servicing to your preferred dealer or repair shop, or just because you do not feel like driving!

3- Do you have vehicles for rent?

No, we drive you in the comfort and convenience of your own personal car. You supply the car and we provide the chauffeur. Our Driver… Your Car.

4- I need a personal chauffeur/tour guide while Visiting Los Angeles. Is this a service you offer?

You can get a car from your preferred Car Rental Agency and hire one of our personal chauffeurs to drive you in that rental car. You will save money and still have the luxury and convenience of being chauffeured.

5- Which areas do you service?

We’re local! We service the Greater Los Angeles area, the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and local Ventura County.

6- What is the difference between a driver and a chauffeur?

A driver is a person who drives a vehicle; however, a chauffeur is professional who is familiar with driving luxury vehicles and will get you from point A to point B safely and luxuriously. Our personal chauffeurs are familiar with the local roads and will get you to your destination prepared, relaxed, and on time.

7- How far in advance should I place a reservation for a private chauffeur?

At least 24 hours in advance is preferred; however, we will do our best to accommodate your reservation within at least 5 hours notice. If you have an important event or appointment on your future calendar, call us and make your reservations well in advance so you can secure your personal chauffeur.

8- What if I only need a chauffeur to pick us up and drop us off? Do you offer this type of professional driver service?

Yes, however, you will be charged for the method and time it takes for the private chauffeur to return to his personal vehicle after you are dropped off at your destination.

9- Will I always receive the same private chauffeur?

We try our best to introduce you to a few personal chauffeurs during your first few outings. We are always happy to hear that you enjoy a specific private chauffeur; however, if you enjoy him chances are someone else does too! If you want to make a reservation with a specific chauffeur be sure to book well in advance.

10- How will I identify my personal chauffeur?

The day before your reservation we will email you the chauffeurs name and contact info, so you know ahead of time who will be arriving at your home or office.

11- Do your private chauffeurs dress professionally?

All of our private chauffeurs arrive well groomed in a polished suit and tie. These are executive chauffeurs who dress like business professionals.

12- Are your private chauffeurs insured?

Our private chauffeurs drive under your automobile insurance, so you can be guaranteed you are covered. Insurance policies dictate that coverage follows the vehicle regardless of the driver; your insurance will be used as the sole source for settlement in the event of an accident. We do carry Workers Comp Insurance. With rental vehicles, the chauffeur will sign on as an additional driver for Full Insurance Coverage. Each chauffeur is bonded.

13- What makes your professional chauffeur service different?

Our private chauffeurs are reliable, very personable, helpful, knowledgeable, attentive, safe, and caring professional chauffeurs. They are always there for you during your outing. They have verified private chauffeur experience and extend all chauffeur protocols. Our chauffeurs will tend to your driving needs so you can sit back and relax in the comfort and convenience of your car with our private driver at the wheel.

14-Do you offer private chauffeur placements?

If you wish to employ one of our private chauffeurs directly please call our office for conversion fees and details. (949) 283-0863

15- Do you have an app?

Yes, it’s called email: and telephone: (949) 283-0863 You can get to know us on the human side. Afterall you will be handing the keys of your car to one of our chauffeurs and wouldn’t it be nice to at least hear who you will be doing business with? You will like what you hear and we answer our own phones.

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