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How using a Designated Driver in Los Angeles will Save You Money

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Los Angeles is a great place for nightlife. With beautiful people, high end bars, clubs and restaurants, you’ll have the choice of just about every type of nightlife party that can be found around the United States, if not the world. However, there is a downside to LA and that is it’s sheer size—getting from one neighborhood of bars to the next or to a party up in the hills or beside the beach can literally take an hour if not more, due to the lack of public transportation in the city. This is especially dangerous after you have been drinking and having a good time, for a number of reasons. So why not hire a personal driver to get around this problem? Below are the reasons why having a designated driver in Los Angeles is worth hiring through a company like The Private Chauffeur®.


Designated Drivers Will Save You Money on Driving In General

Driving in LA, especially when you are going out for the night, is a costly endeavor. You will have to pay for gas, parking most likely or if you have to park a long way away, have to make sure you don’t get a parking ticket. And the parking tickets in LA are incredibly expensive. By having a personal driver in Los Angeles, you won’t have to worry about any of these things


A DUI is Incredibly Expensive

The average cost of a DUI in Los Angeles is around ten thousand dollars, not to mention a revocation of your driver’s license for six months to a year, which will cause untold inconvenience and possibly cost you more money getting around town. So any money you spend on a designated driver in LA is saving you money that would otherwise be paid if you were caught for a DUI.


Personal Chauffeur’s won’t Rip You Off

While not all cabbies will do this, some will take the long way home and drive up fares in exchange for the ride. Personal Chauffeur’s at The Private Chauffeur® won’t do this, as they hold their reputation above a few extra dollars per trip. So rather than calling a cab to be your personal driver for the night out, try the personal chauffeurs. They will also adjust the rate to be lower at non-peak hours, so if you go home at an early hour or an incredibly late one, the fare will undoubtedly be cheaper than the average cab out on the road.