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Three Reasons to Use a Car Service this Holiday Season

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Driver-Only services in Los Angeles offer customers a day off from the grind of waiting in traffic behind the wheel. A personal driver service in Los Angeles is even more of a reprieve during the holiday season when stress is at its highest. These are three of the reasons to consider a car service this holiday season.




It is no secret that there is an increase in alcohol consumption around the holidays, and hiring professional driver can keep you safe. A professional driver looks out for suspicious activity from another car that could indicate intoxication. At the same time, it alleviates any concern from the riders after drinking at a party. Taking a personal driver service home in Los Angeles is much safer than walking or taking public transportation. Private Chauffeur services use the customer’s car are safe as drivers pick up riders at home before the night even begins or picks them up at a party or restaurant. Our drivers also meet local and state licensure requirements.




With all of the items on a to-do list before the holidays, it is difficult to find time for them all. Hiring a driver lets riders run errands while planning a big holiday party. Drivers in Los Angeles cannot talk on the phone or use GPS while driving. Passengers, however, can call the florist from the car and have a professional locate an obscure toyshop beforehand. Saving time on the to-do list means more time with loved ones.




Professional chauffeurs or drivers provide special assistance for those with temporary or permanent difficulties. People with failing eyesight or a broken leg still have a lot to accomplish during the holiday season, and they need assistance from caring professional drivers. Chauffeurs can drive those that need special care, including wheelchair assistance, to the grocery store, a mall or a family member’s home. For those in need of such services, it is important to check the company to see if it specifically mentions or specializes driving people with special needs.


The holiday season is stressful enough without the addition of traffic backed up for miles. Driver services in Los Angeles allow passengers to be productive while checking items off the list. The Private Chauffer uses the customer’s car to transport passengers in safety, and it also has a history of providing excellent service to those that need a little extra care. This holiday season let The Private Chauffer make things easier contact us today!!