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Top 6 Most Memorable Chauffeur Roles

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When getting around the massive city of Los Angeles with its endless streets and epic traffic jams, using a personal chauffeur service like The Private Chauffeur® is a great way to relax while you get to your destination in your own automobile. And with Los Angeles being the home of filmmaking and Hollywood, there’s a chance that you could get a driver resembling a Hollywood chauffeur character, someone who reminds you of those famous private driver characters you’ve seen in classic movies. Below are the top 6 Hollywood actors to compare your personal chauffeur with when getting around LA.


Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy

Arguably the most classic private chauffeur performance ever on film, Morgan Freeman drove the car in this Academy Award winning film that dealt with prejudice among African Americans and Jews in the South. Freeman plays Hoke, the driver for Miss Daisy and they both become close friends over the course of the film.


Sidney Poitier in A Raisin in the Sun

This influential film about an African American family trying to survive in America at the beginning of the 60’s focuses on Poitier’s character as a chauffeur in Chicago who is barely making a living. Watch this and be sure to tip your private driver well from that day forward.


Hector Elizondo in The Princess Diaries

The film that launched Anne Hathway’s career also had one of the more memorable chauffeur characters in it, as Hector Elizondo played her private driver named Joe, who constantly gave her great advice about life. If your driver does the same, then they will be most similar to this memorable character.


De’voreaux White in Die Hard

The limo driver who picked up Bruce Willis and drove him to the skyscraper that would be taken over by terrorists a short time later was the quintessential private Chauffeur in Los Angeles. Argyle was a quiet hero in the film who would be a loyal and fun private driver to have.


Dom Irrera in The Big Lebowski

The well-known New York comedian had a very minor role chauffeuring the Dude around in Los Angeles before her was pulled from one limo to another and showed a “toe” that supposedly belonged to Bunny. A funny, happy go lucky east coast chauffeur is always fun in Los Angeles—as long as you aren’t accosted when you exit the car.


Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber

Carrey’s character Lloyd meets the love of his life as a hilariously terrible limo driver in Dumb & Dumber and sets the events of the entire film in motion.