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Which One to Choose – Private Chauffeur OR ‘Public’ Driver?

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Los Angeles taxis have their place, but they are like public restrooms. You use them only when you really need them. You never know who else was sitting on that seat. LA is a large city. If you need to be driven someplace use a professional chauffeur in Los Angeles to get you there.


Celebrate Life and Achievements


There are times in your life when you or someone you know deserves something special. How do you celebrate your child’s good grades? Send them to school in a chauffeur driven car. A private chauffeur in Los Angeles can pick up your child and their friends and drop them at school. What a great way to show a child how much good grades mean to you and that you recognize their effort to succeed. Using a public driver would not have the same affect, and you’d need to go with them.


Anniversaries and birthdays are also occasions when a special time is enhanced by a private chauffeur driven car. Date night can be more fun and engaging when you have a designated driver. Surprise your spouse with a romantic or celebratory dinner at their favorite restaurant. When you use a professional chauffeur in Los Angeles as your transportation specialist, you add to the good times that you and your spouse can have.

Businesses can also get in on the celebration. Treat your best employee to pick-up and drop-off service with a private chauffeur. Do you need to pick up business guests at the airport? Let your local professional chauffeur do that for you. Using a private chauffeur in Los Angeles to meet your incoming business guests at the airport shows class and allows you to continue to focus on the things that are important.


Add Time to your Day


Busy professionals cannot afford to waste time stuck in traffic. There is a lot of time that you can recapture and apply to your daily grind. Use the morning commute to get a jump start on your day. Check emails and correspond while someone else drives you to work. Check the stock market or work on the project that your boss wanted yesterday. Talk on the phone, communicate with clients, check in with your staff and get ahead by using your time more efficiently.


There are many great reasons to pick a private chauffeur over a public driver. Trust, dependability and professionalism are just a few of the top traits that a professional chauffeur provides to their clients. So contact us today!!