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Why Chauffeurs are Still Better than Self Driving Cars in Los Angeles

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There’s been a lot of chatter recently about Google’s self driving cars and how they could one day replace chauffeur services in big cities. The truth is, that day has not arrived yet and may never arrive because self-driving cars simply can’t do what a chauffeur service can in a number of different situations. Check out the reasons why a self driving car isn’t better than a chauffeur in a place like Los Angeles, or any city really for that matter.


They Could Get Confused Easily by Drunk People


People often rely on a chauffeur as a designated driver in Los Angeles, since the city is massive and it is dangerous to drive drunk after you have been out on the town. With a chauffeur, you will have a human being picking you up and making sure you get home safely. A driverless car can’t do this and will leave as soon as you step out of the car. Drunk people may also tell the driverless car the wrong address and not be able to flag down the driver again as they realize their mistake — because there won’t be one with a driverless car.


Let them Run your Errands


You can send a private chauffeur on an errand, say to pick up dry cleaning or other errand. Can’t do that with a driverless car.


A Lack of Conversation


Human chauffeurs have the ability to converse with their passengers, only if the client wants to talk and know about the city. It’s often great conversation and it can make the ride much more enlightening or enjoyable as you are stuck in traffic or making a long commute from one side of the city to the other. Drivers or Chauffeurs are your best guides during your transit time as they know local city the best. However, with a car driven by an automated robot, the conversation will most likely be non-existent or meager, at best. The loss of a human connection makes the driverless car experience much worse than having an actual chauffeur behind the wheel.


Last Second Decisions


A change of destination can be made with driverless cars, of course, but there is a process to this, one which will take infinitely longer than simply telling a human driver to go somewhere else. This is undoubtedly a reason why humans are better than driverless cars, as you will have to reprogram the machine, as opposed to simply speaking to someone else. Why complicate a simple, good thing?

Rather than risk riding in a driverless car in Los Angeles, call The Private Chauffeur® for a good, old fashioned human driver to give you a safe ride to wherever you want to go.